Welcome to the Team Jason Plourde!

Posted May 24, 2014

Reklamation Bikes would like to proudly welcome to the team, our first ever Pro Rider Jason Plourde! Check the edit for some freshness!

Tangent Flatland Jam

Posted May 23, 2014

Great edit here from the Tangent Flatland Jam that went down a couple weeks ago. We were a proud sponsor and are so happy about events like this. So much coolness here. Grass roots is where it's at! Remember, it's all about fun!

Trans Jam Overview

Posted May 21, 2014

Great overview of the whole Trans Jam event that just went down this last weekend!

Jason Rideout NCAR Session

Posted May 19, 2013

New Edit from Team Rider Jason Rideout!

Mannie Nogueira: Spring Time Groove

Posted May 9, 2014

Brand new edit from Reklamation Bikes Team Rider Mannie Nogueira! Dude is progressing so fast!

Monster Energy Bmx Freestyle Exams by Trevlon Hall

Posted May 8, 2014

Great footage here of Jason Plourde and a lot of other great riders from Monster Energy Bmx Freestyle Exams by Trevlon Hall.

Monster Freestyle Exams

Posted April 19, 2014

This is a must attend event! Our Pro rider Jason Plourde will be there to compete for some really great prizes!

Monster Freestyle Exams

Mannie Nogueira: Winter Progression

Posted March 24, 2014

Despite the weather, our team member Mannie Nogueira has been putting the work in! Whole bunch of new stuff from him. Get it Mannie!

Reklamation Bikes just went Pro with Jason Plourde

Posted March 6, 2014

Reklamation Bikes is proud to announce that we have signed Pro flatland rider Jason Plourde to the Reklamation Bikes Team as a Sponsored Pro! We feel that Jason is a perfect fit for our team and are so glad to have him with us. Original, determined and such a great dude. 2014 is going to be awesome! Welcome aboard Jason! So honored to have you riding for us!

"I am 28 years old and have been riding for 13 years. I believe that every move has a purpose and should lead to the improvement of the self. In this way, we are bound to succeed in achieving our dream. Flatland is the tao to expressing my true self and to reach people around me. The purpose of this hard work is to bring flatland to a level that only the crazy dedicated can reach, to teach people on how to access peak fitness and to eat healthy foods leading to a better living. This is my chance to bring about a new world and to achieve greatness. Big thank to everyone at Reklamation Bikes for supporting me in pursuing my dream. I have a crazy trick list that I will shred on this strong SKJ frame. Expect the unexpected in the kingdom of madness!"

~Jason Plourde~

Jason Plourde

Tangent Flatland Jam

Posted February 25, 2014

We are all about amateurs, so we love supporting jams like this! Tangent Jam is coming up in May and Reklamation Bikes is a sponsor!

Tangent Flatland Jam

Colorado Flatland Jams: Long Cold Winter Jam!

Posted February 12, 2014

The next Colorado Flatland Jam! Yep! We are a sponsor!

Colorado Flatland Jams: Long Cold Winter Jam!

Flatland Fuel Clearance Sale

Posted February 12, 2014

Check it out folks! Flatland Fuel has a great deal going on their remaining stock of SKJ Frames. Only $369! These wont last long at this price! Snag 'em up while you can!


Flatland Fuel

Shaun Lapsley, Welcome Edit

Posted February 12, 2014

Shaun Lapsley, welcome to the Reklamation Bikes Team!

Shaun Lapsley Now on Reklamation Bikes!

Posted January 21, 2014

We are really proud to announce that Shaun Lapsley is now on the Reklamation Bikes Team as a sponsored Expert! Cant wait to see this guy has in store for 2014!

Shaun started riding 4 years ago. After building up a decent base of tricks, in 2012 became the AMFLT Novice Class Champion. Shaun attends as many contests and jams as possible now as an expert rider!
"Beyond the Novice level many tricks in flatland seem overwhelmingly impossible. As a new comer I try to embrace the challenge. Philippians 4:13 Stoked to rep Reklamation Bikes in 2014!"

Shaun Lapsley

Colorado Flatland Jams: Holiday Jam

Posted December 30, 2013

From Colorado Flatland Jams regarding the Holiday Jam:

"Just realized I never posted anything up about the Holiday Jam!

The Jam was such a great time! Great vibes, great riding, a bit of progression from everybody.

Had a good amount of riders there which was great since we had to change the location beforehand due to weather and had to change the time last minute due to an oversight. Everybody is stepping up their game big time and rode great with quite a bit of new flavor, first time pulled tricks and all around radness.

Once again we jammed out to "Hits of the '70s" for most of the time and later a bit of dub. Progression from pretty much everybody on the floor! Had some pizza and wings along with a few barley pops.

We went pretty late, but closed up shop once we heard that the roads were slick in spots.

Absolutely a great Holiday Jam and a great way to celebrate another great year of riding, friendships, family and this sport we love so much.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the Jam: Reklamation Bikes, Touch of Shade, Denver Electric and Fameuse Design and thank you to James McGraw once again for the use of his spot!

To all that couldn't make it, we missed you guys and hope you had a great Christmas!

Below is an edit that Jason already made of the event. See you at the next Jam!

Voodoo Jam

Posted August 6, 2014

Reklamation Bikes would like to thank everyone who attended Voodoo this weekend what an amazing event! Thank you Scott and Terry for organizing such a beast. These guys worked there asses off. Thank you to all the volunteers who were putting venues together while guys were sleeping or eating and to all the riders who keep this great sport rolling. Thank you!



  1. Yohei Uchino
  2. Viki Gomez
  3. Jean William Prevost
  4. Takahiro Ikeda
  5. Alex Jumelin
  6. Naoto Tamaru
  7. Jason Plourde
  8. Terry Adams
  9. Tsutomu Kitayama
  10. Gonzalo Bellanti
  11. Bo Wade
  12. James McGraw
  13. Tyler Gilliard
  14. Hiroki Uchiyama
  15. Dax Wolford
  16. Will Redd
  17. Art Thomason
  18. Peter Olsen
  19. Ahmed Johnson
  20. Isaiah Jordan
  21. Sergio Balu
  22. Eric Wright
  23. Cory Fester
  24. Diejo Tejada


  1. Todd Carter
  2. Joe Cicman
  3. Bryan Huffman
  4. Rennace Tomko
  5. Chris Anderson
  6. Kenny Boucher
  7. Kelly Baldwin
  8. Omari Cato
  9. Trevor Oleniuk
  10. John Yull
  11. Martin Inda
  12. Mannie Nogueira
  13. Ed Jolie
  14. Chris Babin
  15. Austin Luberda
  16. Jin Hyeon Park
  17. Josh Hansen
  18. Matt St Gelais
  19. Jesse Cantore
  20. Jeremy Jones
  21. Randy Fulcher
  22. Cesar Rangel
  23. Bradley Burnham


  1. Ruben Castillo
  2. Ramon Lopez
  3. Marty Ferryman
  4. Derek Callendar
  5. Robert Reilly
  6. Bobby Burge
  7. Mark Coates
  8. Damian Bacci
  9. Nikola Olic
  10. Jason Harrison
  11. Steven Dodson

Dax Wolford Reklamation Bikes Review and Bike Check!

Posted June 5, 2013

We recently sent Dax Wolford an SKJ frame to try out for us and see how he liked it and give us his thoughts. The result is the below review and bike check. Give it a read!

"After I met Rob Reilly (co-owner of Reklamation) at the Trans Jam, he offered me the chance to ride one of his Reklamation SKJ frames. At the time, I was on a 19" v1 S&M Intrikat frame, but had been itching to build up my new Deco Terry Adams frame I won the week before. I built up my Deco and quite liked it. I consider myself one of the new school riders (no brakes, no scuffs, all pumping) and was content to have one of the more trendy frames. Now don't get me wrong, the Deco wasn't bad at all and I liked the 1/2" longer top tube that it offered (19.5"). Plus, it was an upgrade from my dented and cracked S&M frame. Needless to say, a few days later I took Rob up on his offer just to see what was up with Reklamation and their new SKJ frames."

"The Reklamation SKJ is essentially a modified Standard 250L street frame; just a shorter top tube (19" or 19.5") and a slightly lower stand over height. Well you might ask, what am I doing buying a street frame? The point is that the 250 has been around for ages and in a constant state of R&D and scrutiny. Take for example the tucked, non?overlapping seat stays on the top tube (vs the overlapping junction on lots of other frames that is so prone to concentrated stress and cracking). Or consider the SKJ's round bridges on the seat and chain stays (vs the Deco's flat plate bridges). Also, the SKJ's slightly larger OD down tube (1.5" vs 1.25"), forfeits the need for added gussets to redistribute stress. Check out the SKJ's non-ovalized top tube compared to the Intrikat's uncomfortable, pointed landing pad. All these make the frame greater than the sum of its parts. This sort of frame building experience is invaluable when it comes to daily riding and the quirks of flatland."

"Whereas the Deco is made in Taiwan and the S&M out in California, the Reklamation SKJ is handmade in Davenport, Iowa by Standard Bykes. It goes without saying that Standard has a legendary reputation in terms of quality and welding. But just to be certain of this claim, I double checked with a frame builder who has actually inspected the Intrikat at every weld and claims that Standard's welds on the SKJ> are a cut above S&M's. Next, where I would pick the SKJ over the Deco is in the use of the premium air hardened OX Platinum tubing. But yes there is also the pride one feels of having a homegrown USA frame versus one shipped from overseas. Not that it matters, but it could make a difference to some. Finally, the icing on the cake being the SKJ's color options and the way the translucent finish lets the welds shine through."

"Once I built the SKJ up, I realized the Deco was missing something. There is something I refer to as the "pocket" on a flatland bike. It is the space behind the seat and above the back tire where your pelvis fits on cliffhangers. It feels good getting into on certain frames, but on low stand over frames (ie. the Deco) not so much. The pocket is where the SKJ shined. The modestly high stand over (7.75" vs the Deco's 7") creates a series of angles, which feels easier (with a low seat) to pop back and forth into the pocket, but yet more secure and locked-in on pumping, turbining, or just cruising my favorite position."

"What I like best about the frame though, is how sturdy it feels. The larger down tube adds stiffness to the frame. For someone who just learned whoppers and does hop 3's like they're nothing, this is a significant source of stress on the frame. Trusting in your bike and the peace of mind that comes with it can make or break the trick. For example, it was unsettling having to check my old Intrikat frame after every whopper for more cracking and hearing that dreaded "Ping!" on landings. Same lack of faith with the Deco: checking the plate bridges for cracks, which is a significant drawback for longevity. On the other hand, when I pull whoppers, hop 3's, and jump from front to back pegs double footed, there isn't a peep from the SKJ. That builds trust. The kind that matters when you're attempting to pull your contest run. Or when your bike goes flying. Or at the end of a summer session with your good friends, when you're riding your hardest."

"Now, down to the nitty gritty specs. The SKJ frame has the geo you're looking for. Responsive 75° head tube. Standard 71° seat tube. Top tube of 19" or 19.5" (nice for the 6 footers like myself). Stable and roomy 13.5" backend (perfect for my back wheel tricks). 14mm dropouts that fit the peg quite nicely. And finally, what I wanted to get to: the bottom bracket. At first I was skeptical of the 11 5/8 (11.625") height. I had wanted something higher like 11.8 (both the Deco TA and Intrikat), but gotta say, the angle the down tube makes as it meets the head tube actually creates a nice bit of clearance. This helped with my half packers, and I am actually pulling more turbines than before. I must confess that the low bottom bracket and lack of gussets was a huge source of worry for me, but in the end they actually IMPROVED my riding."

"I wholeheartedly recommend the SKJ to everyone. Especially since you can't beat the $299 price, geometry, and strength of a frame made by Standard guys who know what they are doing in the business. And while I'm at it, so do the boys at Reklamation. I simply couldn't be more pleased with this frame. Thanks!"

Bike Check:

  • Frame: Reklamation Bikes SKJ 19.5" Guinness (Trans Black), Brakeless
  • Fork: Flatware 0 offset
  • Handlebars: London Bikes Queen Vic 9" (6 back, 2 up)
  • Barends: Armour Bikes Radar
  • Stem: S&M Enduro 36mm w/ hollow Shadow bolts (being replaced with Odyssey Lincoln 38 stem soon)
  • Fork Bolt: Tree
  • Headset: Kink w/ Quamen cap
  • Grips: Flatware Cufflinks
  • Griplocks: Drilled out Quamen Alumiendz
  • Brakes: None
  • Tires: Primo Comet 1.5"
  • Tubes: Regular (being replaced w/ Ares Light soon)
  • Pegs: Front Tree 1.5" (Grip taped) Rear Tree 1.75" (Grip taped)
  • Seatpost: Deco 135mm
  • Seat clamp: Integrated SKJ
  • Seat: Infinity Pivotal w/ Ti bolt (nose chopped off)
  • Chain adjustor: None
  • Chain: Odyssey Bluebird (being replaced with Odyssey Keychain soon)
  • Cranks: Flatware 160mm (w/ Ti bolt)
  • Chainring: Flatware 20t
  • Bottom Bracket: Hoffman bikes w/ FBM cone spacers (BB spacer removed)
  • Pedals: Monster PC sealed
  • Rims: Front Gsport Birdcage, Rrear Odyssey Aerospace 36
  • Front hub: Gsport Marmoset (w/ Armour Bikes Ti bolts)
  • Freecoaster: NYB B (14mm, w/ Armour Bikes Ti nuts)
  • Spokes: DT Swiss 14g
  • Nipples: Gsport Hex


Yep, Reklamation Bikes flow now (Frame), London Bikes flow (Bars), id Clothing

Dax Wolford SKJ

Jason Plourde - Quick Edit

Posted June 1, 2014

Quick edit from Reklamation Bikes pro rider Jason Plourde!

Voodoo Jam Trailor

Posted May 30, 2014

It's coming up fast!

Happy Memorial Day

Posted May 23, 2014

Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed so that we all may live free!

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, all weekend we are offering FREE shipping on any frame to anyone in the lower 48 states. For our US Veterans we are offering a special, additional 10% off. It's the least we can do to say thank you for all your sacrifices and service.

Happy Memorial Day

AmFlat Rankings

Posted May 23, 2014

Check out the Amflat rankings! A lot of Reklamation towards the top!

AmFlat Rankings

Trans Jam Edit from Alex Jumelin

Posted May 20, 2013

A good amount of Reklamation Bikes in this edit from Alex Jumelin!

Trans Jam Expert Class

Posted May 17, 2014

In the expert class our Reklamation boys all did a great job! Bryan Huffman got 3rd, Mannie Nogueira got 5th, Shaun Lapsley got 7th and Steve Lapsley got 8th! Well done guys! Congratulations!

  1. Todd Carter
  2. Joe Cicman
  3. Bryan Huffman
  4. Ivan Adomiel
  5. Mannie Nogueira
  6. Ron Monis
  7. Shaun Lapsley
  8. Steven lapsley
  9. Lee Mejia
  10. Troy Haynes
  11. Shane Reed
  12. Kevin Washington
  13. Andrew Sheltran

Trans Jam Vet Class

Posted May 17, 2014

Reklamation Bikes team rider Robert Reilly got 3rd in vet class! Not to mention our good friend Craig Gaudet got himself a 1st in vet aboard his very own SKJ! Great job guys!

  1. Craig Gaudet
  2. Mark Coates
  3. Robert Reilly
  4. Kyle Hogue


Posted April 30, 2014

We are very proud to announce that Reklamation Bikes SKJ Frames are now more affordable than ever! We are lowering the price of our popular SKJ frame to $299 (plus shipping). Same perfect geometry, weight, strength, materials and American craftsmanship, just a lower price. Because of our recent successes, we wanted to pass on the wealth to you! That's a lot of rock solid American made goodness for a great price! This is not a sale. The price is going to stay there for the foreseeable future. You simply can't beat this deal! Get yours today!

Jason Plourde Got 4th!

Posted April 27, 2014

Reklamation Bikes' own Jason Plourde rocked the floor today at Monster Energy Freestyle Exams in pro flatland and won himself a 4th place finish! Congratulations Jason from all of the Reklamation family!